Memoir and Non-Fiction Ghostwriter

I specialize in ghostwriting two types of books: 


Memoir – the story of your life, or part of it, overcoming trauma or hardship, a journey to excellence, unique travel stories, dealing with unexpected life situations, looking back on marriage and family, dealing with illness, becoming successful, perpetuating change.


Non-fiction books in the area of business, health and well-being, self-help, parenting, education, psychological themes, art, and writing.


I do not ghostwrite fiction.



So why would you hire a ghostwriter?


The problem: You have the story, the idea, or the professional knowledge for the book but you don't have the skills and/or the time to write it. 


The solution: Trust me to write the book for you. Accept that not everyone has the desire or the time to be a good writer. I am passionate about writing, and the art of storytelling. I understand the structure, character development, and the concept of ‘take-away’. 


Hiring a ghostwriter is a big step. Let’s face it; you will be trusting me to write your story, in a voice that is meant to be yours, and a way that satisfies your vision for the book. It’s an investment, not just of money, but also of time. My process requires building a strong relationship with my client, through many conversations, either in person or by phone. It requires that you are able to give me enough information to write a complete book, and that I understand your goals with the finished product.


If you can envision a collaborative work process with a skilled writer that will result in an amazing book that you can call your own, then please contact me to discuss your project.


Let me introduce myself:


I am the person who will listen carefully as you share your story, take notes diligently, research, and with years of experience behind me, create the book you have been dreaming of.  I am a polymath; I love learning and thrive on new projects and stories. 


Who hires a ghostwriter?

  • Business people who lack the time or skills to write their own book about an aspect of their industry
  • Anyone who has a story about something life-changing, traumatic, insightful, reflective, and wants to have a book written about it.
  • Older people reflecting on their lives and wanting to preserve their memories and stories
  • Anyone who has a great idea, or even just the beginning of an idea but wants to collaborate or have someone else complete the project


How will we work together?


Every project is unique but here is an idea of how we will proceed:


We get to know each other, in person, on the phone, or by Skype. You will tell me about your project, your vision, ideas, and specifics.

My job is to absorb all of this and in a sense become you, but still remain me. The most important aspect of being a ghostwriter is finding the right voice for the book. Each book will have its own voice, style and pace.

Together we will discuss the storyline, major events, topics and take-away.


What’s the ‘Take-Away’?


This is the unique element that the reader gets from the book. Usually each chapter has a take-away.


It could be something specific like a formula, or a series of tips, or in the case of a memoir, a way that a challenging situation was dealt with, or a realization about life.  In other words, a book needs a point, or a reason for being. Your grandmother Eli might have been fascinating to you, or your observations of relationships over 40 might hold some truth, but without something tugging at the emotions of the reader, or some new piece of information being given to them, they likely won't keep reading.


What now? 


Put aside all the voices that have been holding your back! Be in touch and lets discuss the possibilities. Whatever your story or idea, I can find a way to make it a reality. Use the button below to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.




"I found Kirsten through a recommendation  online, after meeting with her I immediately felt comfortable and that I had chosen the right person for my project. Her professionalism and especially in my case, her empathy and patience were of upmost importance to me. I would highly recommend her."



Baden, Austria

About Me

I’ve been a freelance writer and ghostwriter for ten years, as well I am a creative writing teacher and coach for students in Vienna and online. My projects range from memoirs, to health guides, to the story of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, to museum work, PR, and communications.


My clients have varied profiles: executive, mother, academic, entrepreneur, filmmaker, trailing spouse, soloprenuer, retired traveller… 


My strength 

I have an incredible knack for getting to the heart/point of a story. Stories, whether long or short require clarity so the reader knows what to expect and what they are coming away with. Books are a competitive business! The first step to making yours shine is to know what it is you want to say – this holds true for any style of book, even memoirs. Just because our memory has a way of rambling doesn’t mean the story needs to.


Structure is the framework that allows the writing to be creative.




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This depends on the project. Some books can be completed in 3 months while others take a year. Contact me, free of obligation, and I will give you a quote.


No one likes surprises when it comes to price so these details are sorted out before the project begins. Once a price is agreed upon, I ask for a 20% deposit, and then 3 equal payments at agreed upon intervals.