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Writing Mentor

Let’s face it, hiring a writing mentor is an investment. Some might even say it’s a luxury. But it’s the most efficient way to get a book written because you are accountable to someone from the very beginning. How many posts do you see dedicated to writer's block, procrastination, not knowing how to do something, finding time to write? A good mentor will address all of these things. 


Editing goes beyond having a keen eye for grammar mistakes, it is about looking at the intention the writer has for the piece and finding the best words and structure to get that message to the reader. It is about tone, style, structure, sentence structure, impact, language, and clarity.


Writing a memoir is an exhilarating and emotionally demanding journey. I have worked with several writers who have chosen to be brave and write about past trauma. Others write about new life experiences, starting a business, travel, and challenges they have overcome. If you are looking for a memoir mentor to help you explore ideas, design a structure, set goals, expand your writing, or to edit your draft, please be in touch.