Creative Writing Workshops

Have you always wanted to try creative writing but aren't sure how to get started? Perhaps you have some amazing story ideas, or want to write to process what's going on in your life, or try a new way to heal from a difficult experience. I can help!


One of my favorite things is to work 1:1 with students to help you learn the skills, find your writing voice, develop a writing routine, and produce pieces you are proud of. 


I have helped people write memoirs, short stories, novels, blogs, and creative-non-fiction. 


If you are ready to start on an exciting journey of learning how to write, contact me for a free 30-min consultation. Sessions can be held in person in Vienna, Venice, or via Skype.


Creative Writing for Beginners: 1:1 sessions

Learn the elements of strong storytelling. Discover ways to let the words flow. How to get started. Brainstorming and mindmapping.

8 hours of instruction and feedback



Revision and Submission 1:1 sessions

Learn how to edit and revise your writing and get it ready to submit to journals, contests, and publishers.

6 hours of instruction and feedback



Writing an Outline 1:1 sessions

Writing an outline for a longer piece such as a novel or memoir is key to successfully finishing your project. Understanding factors like character development, story arcs, conflict, take-away, and tension will help you map out your book and know, before you start writing, where you are going. Many people believe that creating an outline gets in the way of the creative process, but the opposite is true. With a solild structure, you can be as creative as you want in the writing!

6 hours of instruction and feedback