"I had a very tight deadline to produce an ebook for our business and Kirsten was a lifesaver. She provided developmental and line editing, offered valuable feedback, and completed the project on time. And I must say, she is a pleasure to work with. She did extra research on top of what I provided and made some very helpful suggestions. I will certainly be calling on her again."



Sebastian Meyer


ebooks are a great way to build your business. You can offer an ebook for free and in exchange you get to build your mailing list. They are also the perfect way to inform your audience about an aspect of your industry or business.


Have you thought about writing an ebook for your business but aren't quite sure how to go about it? Perhaps you already have a great idea or an outline but just don't have the time or skills. I can help!


What exactly is an ebook?

Essentially it is an electronic book. Occasionally people will offer a print version but often this isn't necessary and only adds to the cost.


Why does my business or blog need an ebook?

ebooks are marketing tools. You choose a specific topic related to your business and offer it up in a succinct little book that is both informative and engaging. The goal is to build your community.


How long is an ebook?

For marketing purposes it can be anywhere from 8 pages to 50 pages. The key is to not make it too long. Readers want enough information that they feel informed and that they have learned something, but not so long that they find it overwhelming. If you choose a very short ebook format it is likely just an overview of a topic and you must ask yourself how useful this is.


How quickly can you write my ebook?

2-4 weeks




The complete ebook:

30-50 pages

Includes research, writing, proofreading, graphics, layout



The collaborative ebook:

30-50 pages

You only require my services for part of the ebook, for example you have all the research and an outline and need a writer and layout person. 

Let's talk and see what you need


The complete mini ebook

Under 30 pages

€700-2000 depending on length


The collaborative mini ebook

Let's talk and see what you need