Are you ready to tell your story?


Writing a memoir is an exhilarating and emotionally demanding journey. The personal nature of the genre means you will likely be front and centre on the page, and in order to hook the reader and keep them engaged, you have to form an emotional connection with the reader. 


Being vulnerable is a good thing!


Regardless of what type of story you are telling (your adventures travelling solo, childhood abuse, or how you built a thriving business), the reader will only continue to turn pages if you reveal how this made you feel. Because when you feel, they feel. Emotions tap into memory. The reader will instinctively try to find a way to relate to your story by looking for common emotional responses. You want your reader to say, that’s exactly how I felt when such and such happened to me.


I have worked with several writers who have chosen to be brave and write about past trauma. Our working relationship was based on trust and a sense of being understood. 


Whether I am ghostwriting, coaching, or editing a memoir, we both need to understand the motivation, intention, and purpose of the story.


How can I help?


When working on a book-length project I always like to have an initial consultation with the client to ensure we will work well together. 


If you live in Vienna, we can meet in person. If you are further afield, we can do this by Skype. A phone call is also fine.


At this time we can decide what you need:

  • A writing coach
  • An editor
  • A ghostwriter


After the consultation, I will write up a proposal, with a suggested timeline, and price.