I offer a variety of writing workshops through Write Now Vienna, a community organization I founded in 2014. Workshops are taught by various instructors. Click through to the Write Now Vienna website for more info.


The workshops are all held in Vienna, Austria. I hope to offer some online courses in the near future, so stay tuned.


About Write Now Vienna

Write Now Vienna is a modern day writing organization. Our goal is to build a community of writers, so we always have someone to talk to about writing, somewhere to go and improve our craft, a place where we can share our ideas, and most importantly, a real life community where we can INSPIRE each other to be creative, to finish what we started, to be better, and to find our way in this modern world of writing and publishing!

A Practical Guide to Submission and Revision

March 30, 2019

Sensuality in Writing: A Study of Restraint and Explicitness

March 30, 2019


Location, Voice and Authenticity

March 31, 2019