I write for companies and individual clients and I thrive on diversity. One month I may be working on an HR manual for a health and wellness centre, the next I could be ghostwriting a memoir, or writing content for a tech start up. In this hyper-branded era of ‘specialization’ I have chosen to specialize in the written word. Recently I was working on a project (book and website content) for a client who is an expert on the world history of pedagogy. She talks about the Renaissance man and how being educated in a wide range of subjects creates a full understanding of the world and how these subjects connect to each other. I like to see myself as the Renaissance woman of writing. 


How does this help you?


  • I focus on building a relationship with my client – your specific needs are where my expertise lie
  • We will discuss your project and what you want the results to be. We will also discuss your obstacles, and find solutions
  • My style of writing is the result of information (provided by the client, and researched by me), a passion for presenting the information in an accessible and dynamic way that engages readers, identifying the ‘take away’, and of course, impeccable grammar

"I highly recommend working with Kirsten. She created the graphic signage text for a historically based exhibition for us. It was a complex project, and she supported with both the research and the creative writing. She was professional and easy to communicate with, delivering on time and to the agreed budget. She was able to understand and interpret top line briefs in order to write text that was creative, interesting and pitched perfectly for the various different ‘voices’ that we required. A successful collaboration - thank you Kirsten!"


Ailsa Easton

Creative Director THEME3



What my clients look like:


  • small, medium and large companies who do not have the in-house expertise required to produce engaging content, clear concise manuals, creative HR scripts for training, bios for annual reports and websites, PR material
  • start-ups who are ready to present their business to the world and need a writer to provide content, promotional material, and presentation content
  • small business owners who want to create their own brand (content, social media, and newsletters)
  • individuals who want to write a book, have an idea, but either don’t have the time, or skill set to do it themselves (this could be a business concept, or memoir) (link to a page on memoir)
  • individuals who need help with the personal essay portion of academic applications. Universities these days, especially MBA programs, require lengthy and inspiring essays. This is usually a back and forth process, strongly directed by the client, where I assist with idea development, structure, re-writing, and editing
  • individuals and companies who have a special project that requires creative text

"Kirsten has helped immensely on my journey to become a better writer. Not only has she edited the stories I've given her with great skill, but she has also offered conceptual advice I can apply to current and future works. My ultimate goal has always been to achieve publication, and using her service has without a doubt increased the odds of that coming to fruition. Kirsten really is an excellent resource that I'll surely use again."