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Business Writing & Editing


Website content

Editing to improve readability and grammar


Social media content

Company bios and profiles


Promotional material and copy

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Creative Writing


Ghostwriting is the perfect solution for clients who have an idea for a book or article but don't have the time or skill to write it themselves.


Get the Book Written! is an amazing one:one coaching program designed specifically for people who are mid-book, or so close to the end they could scream, or even those who have a brilliant idea but don't know what to do with it. 


Manuscript Assessment - structural or line editing on your short story, novel, memoir, or creative non-fiction.


I want to write a personal essay! This first-person form is very popular and lots of markets are publishing these intimate and universal stories. Learn how to create a 1000 word essay with content from your own life. 


Coaching and mentoring sessions to overcome obstacles, learn about craft, or find solutions for time management issues