Meeting Your Business Needs


I will do the research, create from an idea or concept, or write based on pre-discussed criteria.

Types of writing: HR documents, video training scripts, promotional material, web site content, bios, copywriting, product descriptions. Contact me with details of your project!



This is perfect for clients who need an extra pair of professionally trained eyes, or have a completed document that needs an infusion of 'Wow'.  Is English not your first language and you need the document to be checked for flow and readability?


Storytelling in Business

What is the story that will connect your with your community? By community I mean the people who have or will contribute to the success of your business.  Whether your business is made up of just one person, or several hundred, there is always an important and exciting story to be told.


Types of Stories


My Personal Story - This type of story follows the journey of the individual, and highlights the hardships and challenges they have overcome in order to create their business. It touches readers and listeners on an emotional level and leaves them with a sense of triumph.


Story of Our Company - What prompted the company into existence? Did the founder find themselves in a particular situation, or become aware of a gap in the market? This type of story talks about what matters, and how the company has given a nudge to society, essentially causing the consumer to look up and see a different way of doing things.


Story of an Idea- This type of story is similar to the Story of Our Company, except it focuses on the innovative and fearless pursuit of an idea. The idea suggests a new world, a new way of living, and tells the tale of being persistent.


All of these stories will have a vision, a way of seeing the future through imagination and curiosity.