Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction Manuscript Assessment


What I do well is see the existing strengths and weaknesses in a manuscript and offer detailed suggestions on everything from character, structure, strong beginnings, and satisfying endings. I have a knack for seeing through the clutter of words and getting to the emotional core of a story. Once the emotional core is identified, structure falls into place.


I will:

Read, comment, and summarize.  

While keeping your personal goals in mind, I will suggest ways for you to make your writing clear and engaging.

Getting an emotional response from your reader is key to an engaging piece. I will show you techniques to develop this successfully.


As an experienced editor, my goal is never to change your story or your voice, but to offer honest feedback and useful guidance to help you, the writer, create your best work. 


An Extra Pair of Eyes





I will offer advice on how to create or improve the structure of your piece. What is the shape of your story and how does it relate to the content? Does it arise organically or is it too contrived?  



Do you have a firm grasp on story elements such as character development, tension and conflict, flow, pace, a strong beginning and a satisfying ending?


Strengths and Weaknesses

If you know what your strong points are then you can focus on improving your weak points.

Detailed Critique

This service is ideal for stories in the early draft stages, or for anyone who needs extra guidance on a story. I will provide detailed comments in the margin of the story as well as a minimum one page summary. You’ll receive feedback on story elements such as story structure, character development, conflict/tension, pace, prose, effective endings, and engaging beginnings.


Please email me with manuscript details to establish a price before work begins.





Summary Critique

This service is ideal for anyone who just needs a second set of eyes to review his or her manuscript. I will read the story carefully and provide a one page summary of suggestions on how to improve it.



Novels, Scripts, Memoirs, Non-fiction

Please email me details of longer manuscripts and what type of feedback/coaching/editing you require.


We can discuss a flat rate based on the project.