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Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation. You can ask questions, tell me about your project, talk about price and come away inspired!




Contact me for your company's writing, editing and proofreading needs. Do you require content for your website? Are you a PR or event company with a special project? I am not a niche writer but prefer a varied client base to keep things interesting - museums, theme company, mining company, the UN, business coaches, psychologists, pharmaceutical company, novel writers, memoirists, educational publishers... This ensures that I always bring fresh energy to the project. Why is this a good thing for you? You get a writer who is curious, engaged, skilled and not doing the job with her eyes closed. 


Learn more about manuscript assessment, and coaching/mentoring for your creative writing projects


"Hiring Kirsten as my writing coach was the best decision I made last year! She is insightful, a master of the craft, and full of practical advice. I not only felt inspired, but I followed through because she helped me develop a realistic plan. And I am proud to say, my book is done!"

- Helene Wright, Vancouver


Hire me as your personal writing coach or mentor!  Have you been struggling to finish your writing project even though you know the material is good? Do you have a knack for prose but not for structure? The writer's wall (similar to to hitting the wall in a marathon) is common, especially for first time book writers. The good news is, it's a psychological road block! 

I offer help with time management, writer's block, understanding story and craft, and getting your manuscript ready for publication.

Coaching is essential to help both experienced and new writers get projects done, gain new understanding of the craft, while benefitting from regular feedback.

Sessions can be conducted in-person in Vienna, or by Skype. 

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