The Practical

I am a minimalist with almost everything, but especially with words. Words have power but when overused the power becomes clutter. I am a master of decluttering text. I go straight for the meaning and push everything else aside. 

I like deadlines. 

I like spreadsheets to keep track of data.

I like process - getting logically from point A to point B.

I like plans.

I believe that creativity thrives within frameworks.

I am absolutely a self-starter (Write Now) and get huge amounts of energy from organizing projects and seeing them through to the end. 

I believe in constant learning and do so through reading, researching, courses, collaborating, discussing, and observing. 

The Creative

I have a degree in Art History and Photography but writing is the passion I pursue on a daily basis - it's the way I process my experience of the world. I have published short stories with literary journals such as The Fiddlehead, Room Magazine and the Danforth Review, as well as educational books for children. My latest crush is on the personal essay - stay tuned for the launch of our online magazine dedicated to this exact genre! My other preoccupation is buildings and public space - the way they interact and co-exist. My writing is often focused on discovering how a sense of place affects our lives, our memories, and acts as a framework for our journey. Journey is a good word because it encompasses so much - not just going somewhere, but being somewhere, or leaving somewhere. It can be repetition, it can be static, it can be full of novelty, courage, hope...

Years ago I went to a career counsellor and it became clear that I am motivated by creating things - the process of starting with an idea and ending up with a finished product - a story, an online magazine, a photo, a writers group (I founded a non-profit writing group in Vienna, Austria called Write Now). And I have to say, nothing inspires me more than  a collaboration. I really enjoy working on projects with individuals and groups - to pool creative energy and watch it explode, and find solutions to whatever is blocking the potential. Potential - now there's a concept I could go on about...