Meet Kirsten Donaghey

Ten years ago I was a newcomer to Vienna. As an English-speaker, finding other writers and business contacts was a challenge. I was yearning for a writing community, and for a way to build my business. The first, and best thing I ever did was start Write Now Vienna, a social and networking organization for writers working in English. Our launch was magical. We filled the venue, the energy was contagious, and writers from all walks of life, and genres showed up. By the end of the evening, my co-founders and I had successfully created a real life, face-to-face community. 


I vowed to carry that feeling forward in my business, to maintain a sense of connectedness, and community, and for the most part, stay local, and stay focused on catering to my clients' specific needs. 


Technology has hijacked work relationships. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are the Tinder of the freelance world. They are built on quantity, convenience, and disposability. Maybe I’m old school, but I seriously see the value in building a relationship with clients, and having been chosen because of the quality of my work. 


Being local, and building relationships, means being accountable. 


Running an organization, and a business, gives me an excuse to network. I am not an extrovert, but I love meeting people and getting to know them (I get that sometimes a client just needs to get a job done – this is fine – not everyday needs to be a social day). 


I thrive on variety. I don’t want to be packaged as a master of a particular industry so I’m not a niche writer/editor. 


What I am passionate about, that impacts the way I write, edit and coach:

  • Disrupting education, pedagogy
  • Taking a holistic approach and seeing connections instead of pieces
  • Wellness as a way of life
  • Belonging, community
  • Extroverts and introverts
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSP's)
  • Storytelling in various genres and mediums
  • Complexities of memory
  • The history of the senses

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