Help me write my Canada council for the arts grant

The Canada Council for the Arts is a great resource for writers. They offer grants for various projects such as mentorships, skill building, and support that eases the financial burden of focusing on writing your book. 


I have been a two-time recipient of grants from the CCA! I'm here to say that you should not underestimate the process and the time it takes to create an effective proposal that offers a clear and engaging idea of your project. Not only does it have to be well written but you also want to demonstrate that you are capable of completing the project you are asking the CCA to fund.


The most important section of the Explore and Create proposal is describing your project. You have about 750 words to say what your book is about, what inspired you, and the significance of this book. It must be honest and personal, but also professional and polished. 


Before you apply for this potentially large grant you might want to consider applying for the Professional Development for Artists grant. If you are successful, this grant will pay for mentorships, workshops, and skill building. The goal here is to improve your skills and knowledge as a writer in order to better prepare you for writing a book. I applied (and was granted) this one and worked with a wonderful mentor. It was the perfect stepping stone to feel totally equipped to apply for the larger grant and go on to write a draft of a novel.


You can apply for grants twice a year. I would suggest applying both times because there is no harm in trying and lots of benefits if you are successful. 


If you feel like you need some help with the grant proposal process please send me a message. I offer:


  • 1 hour consultation to discuss your project and help you organize your ideas for the proposal
  • Help developing ideas for the Professional Development for Artists grant
  • Writing and/or editing of your project idea
  • Feedback on your written proposal