Improve your writing · 25. March 2022
8 changes you can make to your writing practice  that will have a positive impact
Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Make some changes to your writing practice that will help you get the words on the page.
Improve your writing · 18. March 2022
What would Jo Ann Beard do?
Writing memoir or creative nonfiction requires you to be vulnerable and honest. How comfortable are you putting yourself on the page? Essayist, novelist, and CNF writer Jo Ann Beard is a master of flexing the vulnerability of humans.
Improve your writing · 16. May 2019
You'd be surprised how many similarities there are between training for a marathon and working on a writing project. Both are about showing up and doing the work.
Freelancers · 02. April 2019
Hiring local means building your local network, adding value to your business, and supporting the local economy.
Improve your writing · 14. March 2019
Write better. Easy tips to edit your writing. The power of action verbs.
Nonfiction · 10. March 2019
Test your idea, do your research, make a plan...
Writing Workshops · 13. September 2018
New writing workshops in Vienna this Fall. Boost your career with Copywriting, Brand Journalism, or Hire a Writing Coach.
30. May 2018
Living in a foreign city where the primary language is different from your own can have a huge impact on your writing life. Sure, a place like Vienna has no shortage of charming old world cafes in which to spend hours writing, a different environment can be inspiring and the internet can be a life saver in terms of finding work and staying in touch with editors. However the one thing I really truly missed when I moved from Toronto to Vienna was a writing community. I missed talking to other...
Personal essay · 20. February 2018
How to write a personal essay that isn't all about you.
Personal essay · 17. February 2018
The beauty of the personal essay is that it dips into many genres. It is a story, an opinion, a work of creative non-fiction. It may be a mini memoir, or a long poem.

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