Unlock your novel's potential in two 90-min sessions

The most common reason writers get stuck or feel overwhelmed when working on a novel is that they don't have a high-functioning outline to keep them on track.


I learned the hard way, swearing that an outline would get in the way of my creativity. I wrote myself into a mess and had no choice but to go back to the beginning. Now that I fully understand the purpose of an outline and how to create one, I will never write blind again. A good outline removes the stress from writing and gives you a framework in which to be creative.


Join me for two 1:1 interactive brainstorming and planning sessions that will cover 12 essential elements of a novel.  Whether you are writing a thriller, a romance, or a literary novel, these elements will act as a guide to make sure your plot moves forward, your main character develops from beginning to end, there is enough tension, and most importantly your story is compelling to the reader.

By the end of this in-depth process, you'll emerge with a clear, actionable writing plan that will allow you to move forward with confidence. 


My coaching program is tailored to add value to writers at any stage of their novel-writing journey. Whether you are still in the idea phase or struggling in the middle of your book, these two 90-minute sessions will provide you with structure and clarity. 


Price: $200 USD / €190