First-time Book Writing

This program is for first-time book writers. Do you have an idea, maybe just a starting point, an inspiring character, an unbelievable dilemma, or perhaps you are further along and have been thinking about your idea for quite a while but... you feel overwhelmed about sitting down and writing.  


I am here to help!


This program will:

  • Test your story idea to see if it has legs to stand on, or in other words, is it enough to sustain an entire book?
  • Ask the important questions of your story, and help you find the answers.
  • Create character storylines.
  • Write an outline! (understand why an outline will not interfere with your creative process but will actually help it)
  • Develop a personalized work plan that will get you writing and get the book finished.


How does the program work?


The program is personalized for each writer, not to say it is reinvented each time, but through consultation (in-person, or via Skype) I will guide you through a series of questions about your idea, your work habits, your fears, and your potential road blocks. We will discuss your idea and flesh it out, ensuring it is strong enough to go on this journey of becoming a book. We will discuss necessary elements of a novel and non-fiction book. Finally we will work together to create an outline and synopsis, and a plan of action based on the time you have available to work and how you best work. We will discuss goal setting and overcoming obstacles in your writing life.


When the program is over you will feel confident to sit down and write your draft! 


The fee varies depending on whether the project includes coaching, editing, and/or writing.


What could be included?


  • Consultation time and written feedback. Email support during the program.
  • Structural and/or line edits.
  • Ghostwriting
  • Someone to hold work along side you and hold you accountable to deadlines.
  • Encouraging support, motivation, and time-management assistance.


How long will the program take?


We can work as quickly or as slowly as you choose. I would recommend allowing between 1-6 months.


The first 30 minute consultation is FREE. We both need to decide if we are a good fit to work together.


The take away:

  • A structured working plan so you know how to proceed with writing your draft.
  • An understanding of critical elements when writing fiction and non-fiction, such as the take-away, tension, building a scene.
  • Ideas about how to deal with obstacles when they arise.
  • An outline of your book - chapter by chapter, section by section, this will vary depending on the book. You will know where to start, where you are going, and how to get there.


Contact me when you are ready to take your idea and turn it into the book you have been dreaming about!