- Ailsa Easton, Creative Director THEME3  London


I’d recommend working with Kirsten. She created the graphic signage text for an historically based exhibition for us. It was a complex project, and she supported with both the research and the creative writing. She was professional and easy to communicate with and delivered on time and to the agreed budget. She was able to understand and interpret top line briefs in order to write text that was creative, interesting and pitched perfectly for the various different ‘voices’ that we required. A successful collaboration - thank you Kirsten!

- Nathan                                                   Washington, USA

"Kirsten has helped immensely on my journey to become a better writer. Not only has she edited the stories I've given her with great skill, but she has also offered conceptual advice I can apply to current and future works. My ultimate goal has always been to achieve publication, and using her service has without a doubt increased the odds of that coming to fruition. Kirsten really is an excellent resource that I'll surely use again."

- Julia                                         Vermont, USA

 "I hired Kirsten as a mentor to assist me with developmental editing I was doing for a client's memoir. Kirsten's support and advice was invaluable. She was an excellent sounding board for my ideas and my doubts, so I was able to move the project forward with much more confidence and direction than I had before I consulted her. Her recommendations were practical and inspiring. I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again."



- Leslie                                         Toronto, Canada

"Working with Kirsten was a great experience. She helped me wrangle an unwieldy creative nonfiction feature into a shorter, tighter, more sell-able piece. Kirsten was able to see the theme that was missing in the story and her compassionate comments were invaluable in helping me see it, too. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsten, and I will certainly be calling upon her again in the future."


- Christopher                            Sydney, Australia

"Writing, especially when you don’t have much experience, can be something quite difficult. With Kirsten and the detailed comments she gave me, I started to realise what problems I was experiencing with my writing, but I also recognised some of the strengths in my writing. If it weren’t for Kirsten, I think I’d still be in that place wondering why my writing didn’t come together as I wanted it to. Kirsten will definitely be the first person I contact when I need my writing checked in the future."