“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs,

is making a chore for the reader who reads.”


Dr. Seuss


Editing and Proofreading

I am happy to help you with any type of document: fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, website content, marketing materials, newsletters, blog posts, ebooks, letters, and academic theses


What type of editing do I offer?

  • Structural and developmental editing where a holistic approach is taken
  • Line edits
  • Copy edits
  • Editing text prepared by non-native English speakers to ensure flow, cultural pertinence, and compatibility
  • Proofreading for grammar and typos 



Editing goes beyond having a keen eye for grammar mistakes, it is about looking at the intention the writer has for the piece and finding the best words and structure to get that message to the reader. It is about tone, style, structure, sentence structure, impact, language, and clarity. These elements are second nature for me. I’ve been a writer for over 20 years and a professional editor for 10. I’ve studied art history and photography, fiction writing and business writing, and of course editing. All of this experience comes into play when I edit -- sometimes subconsciously. My clients frequently seem amazed at how I either transform their piece, or simply make it stronger. I believe that words are powerful, whether you use them to elicit an emotional response, to sell a product, or provide information.



"While working on my homepage I started looking for a proofreader. When I came across Kirsten's site I immediately knew she was the one I needed to help me out with the text. 

She turned out to be much more than a proofreader. Kirsten has an excellent feeling for the flow of words; she grasped my ideas easily and transformed them into the most suitable and engaging sentences.  Her dedication to a project and passion for finding the most accurate and beautiful formulations are amazing.  I was impressed by the high quality of Kirsten’s work. If you are looking for a truly professional and creative editor, work with Kirsten!"


Aksinya Samoylova



"Kirsten has a great ability to transform ideas and abstract concepts into well crafted essays and documents, using the right language and tone in every situation. I truly enjoyed working with her on various editing projects, as she was always dependable

and able to deliver on time."


Pietro Maggi

"Kirsten has helped immensely on my journey to become a better writer. Not only has she edited the stories I've given her with great skill, but she has also offered conceptual advice I can apply to current and future works. My ultimate goal has always been to achieve publication, and using her service has without a doubt increased the odds of that coming to fruition. Kirsten really is an excellent resource that I'll surely use again."


Nathan Black